Air Coolers VO

Air coolers series ВО are industrial equipment. They cool the air in closed-circuit systems of large electric machines, such as electric motors, hydro generators, conductors and exciters. Air coolers of this type are widely used in plants where large electric equipment is in operation. Construction of air coolers ВО includes tube bundle (system of finned tubes), casing and water compartments. All of them are hermetically bulkheaded into end piped plates to avoid cooling water penetration into passing airflow. The covers with inlet and outlet connections are mounted on the plates. The operational concept is very simple: air heated in electric machine, touches a finned tube with cold water circulating inside, and got cool and after that it flows to the machine again. The casing and finned tubes can be made of different materials it depends on mounting conditions and type of cooling water (fresh, salted or sea). The standard material of casing is stainless or carbon steel; of suporting pipes are steel, cupronickel or brass; of ribs is robust aluminum alloy. The series is produced in various climatic versions, the standard options are general (О) and moderate and cold (УХЛ). First option is the general climatic modification, which means possibility of applying in all regions except extremely cold climate. Second option is the possibility of operation in moderate and cold regions. Every option is marked with 3 or 4. For example, О4 or УХЛ3. 4 means indoor operation only with artificial air control. 3 means natural ventilation without air conditioning. Marking of air coolers series ВО is as follows: ВО-50/470-Ф-Н-УХЛ4

  •  ВО – air cooler;
  • First digit – heat flow rate, kWt; 
  • Second digit – distance (mm) between tube walls 
  • Ф –flanged. There are also can be other letters such as Г (horizontal on rollers), В (vertical on rollers), П (suspendable on rollers). 
  • Н – fresh water. If salted or sea water is used, the marking will be as follows: М, М2 or М5. 
  • УХЛ – can be used in moderate or cold climatic region. 
  • 4 – artificial temperature control in the room of operation.