Air Coolers VUP

Air coolers ВУП are calculated for heat flow 50-500 кWt, sometimes even more. The design of construction allows their installation in pairs if necessary. The base of air cooler ВУП is the system of finned tubes, which are combined in the stainless or carbon steel casing. The tubes are hermetically bulkheaded into end piped plates. The covers with inlet and outlet connections for cooling water supply are mounted on the end plates by means of tight water gaskets. The design of the construction allows water to flow along all pipes and cool the flow of the heated air. Tube finning enlarges the area of heat exchange, as a result the cooling is fast and efficient. The main material is steel. The casing is made of stainless or carbon steel, finning is made of aluminum. If salted or sea water is supposed to be used as a supporter, the tubes are made of anti corrosive materials.   The marking of air coolers ВУП is as follows: ВУП-22х6х1500-4. It means:

  • ВУП-22 brand (model); 
  • 6 – number of finned tubes; 
  • 1500 – distance between end tube plates (mm); 
  • 4 – number of water lapses. 

When choosing the air cooler, the following issues should be taken into account:

  • heat power which is necessary to remove; 
  • water mineral content which will be used for cooling; 
  • location. 

Heat power difines the dimensions of a cooler, and location defines its shape.  Water salinity (fresh, salted, sea water) defines materials, which are used for tube plates, water chambers and supporting pipes production. Air coolers ВУП are produced in the following versions Н, М, М2, М5, which depend on the type of cooling water. Н is for fresh water, М and М2 is for salted water, М5 is for sea water. If an air cooler is used in the corrosion environment, it should be made of stainless steel. It guarantees its faultless operation and extends its shelf life. In all cases of doubt consult our specialists who find the optimal variant of the air cooler based on your data.