A tube bundle is the main part of every heat exchange unit and is used for gas or compressed air cooling in all types of compressors: screw, reciprocating, radial-flow. Tube bundles bring heat exchange into action that’s why smooth operation of the exchanger depends on their correct design, calculations and production. A tube bundle structure is very simple. It consists of the system of finned tubes, which are connected with robust frame, which is made of two materials – high quality steel and aluminum alloy. Such pipes have anticorrosive coating and are very solid, reliable and enduring. Due to the system of internal bafflers, inside substance passes along all pipes of the tube bundle from the inlet to outlet. High level of finning increases the heat exchange surface and provides an effective heat transfer/removal (cooling or heating) for the short period of time. Ends of finned tubes are aggregated and fixed into tube sheets. All models of tube bundles made by FORK, OOO have excessive accessibility to their elements and it significantly simplifies the maintenance process. We offer a large variety of tube bundles for various units in a wide range of prices. As every model is designated for a certain type of device, we recommend learning the catalogue carefully and consulting our specialists before the order and purchase. We produce tube bundles for oil and gas industry and natural gas processing industry, for metallurgic and agriculture equipment and other fields of the national economy. Except bundle tubes trading, we offer the following services:

  • Bundle tube engineering conforming to the requiremets of TOR (in case there is no marking of heat exchanger); 
  • Bundle tube engineering conforming to the requirements of customer’s drawings or drafting in accordance with customer’s requirements;   
  • Substandard bundle tube engineering. As a rule every heat exchanging equipment has its own standard, but in some cases engineering and production of bundle with substandard dimensions and construction is required. 

Designing and calculation of a tube bundle are done by the qualified specialists but the construction itself is strictly inspected on each stage. We guarantee that everyFORK`s ordered and purchased bundle tube provides an uncompromising operation of your heat exchanging equipment.