FORK, OOO is a multi-industry plant deals with production of devices meant for providing the effective cooling and heat-exchange of the industrial equipment. The main lines of our production are: manufacturing of air coolers of high quality, oil coolers, gas coolers and their components – finned tubes and tube bundles. Our products are widely used in the following fields: • Electric power industry; • Ferrous and non-ferrous metal industry; • Transport; • Engineering etc. Our heat exchange equipment is being mounted everywhere the good and steady operation of water-powered generators, transformers and transformer stations, industrial electric motors is required. FORK’s producing areas provide complete production cycle as they include blank production shop, assembly shop, fitter’s area, welding area, machine workshop. Thus, we are able to monitor products at every step and guarantee high ending quality. Our flagship products are:

  • Oil coolers series МБ, Ц, ДЦ, ОДЦ, МО, which are used for lubricating systems and control of gas and steam turbines; for hydro-and turbine generators cooling, industrial inverters and motors; for transformers’ cooling system of all types; for pneumatic and hydraulic equipment.
  • Air coolers series ВБ, ВО, ВУП, ВОП, provide air cooling in electric equipment. First series – mounted coolers for equipment with closed ventilation cycle; all of the rest are of surface type.
  • Gas coolers. They remove heat from gas (hydrogen), which circulates in closed-circuit system of turbine generators or compressors. They are produced in several climatic variations.
  • Finned tubes: spirally-rolled due to KLM technologies; welded due to ТВЧ technologies, bimetal.
  • Tube bundles are the base of a heat exchanger and can be produced according to customer’s drawings.

All above-mentioned products are tested in accordance with the approved regulating documentation and standards GOST. High quality together with low price makes our products attractive to every customer.