Air Coolers VOP

Air cooler series ВОП is a surface type heat exchanger, which removes the excessive heat from electric machines in work cooling the circulating inside air. It is used for cooling large electric equipment such as generators, electric motors etc. and it operates on heat exchanger basis, it transfers heat from the substance with higher temperature to the substance with lower temperature. Thus, the air flow heated due to engine in work or generator in work touches finned tubes and gives part of its heat to them and after that it goes to the system of electric equipment. Air coolers series ВОП differ from other models by inherent peculiarities and by the installation method. Model ВОП 12 has 4 cooling sections. Air cooler construction is standard, the base of it is a tube bundle, which consists of finned tubes, ends of it are hermetically bulkheaded into end piped plates. The covers with inlet and outlet connections for water supply are mounted on the end plates by means of tight water gaskets. Special plugs allow discharging water and bleeding air. Scheme of flow is designed the way that water passes through all pipes taking the heat from flowing air. Several cycles of passing through allow cooling the electric equipment in operation more effectively. The main material is steel (carbon and stainless). Pipes are made of stainless steel but it depends on the type of water, which is a heat conductor, so the pipes can also be made of brass and copper.  As a rule, finning is aluminum In the process of choosing the optimal model, the main indicator is heat flow whereon the air cooler, water and air consumption, temperature is calculated. The type of applied water is also very important, fresh, salted or sea water. If the water is reach in salts, corrosionproof materials are recommended. It is recommended to choose Н for fresh water, М, М2 for salted water, М5 for sea water. The method of installation depends on electric equipment, which is required to be cooled. In all cases of doubt we advise to consult our specialists because the shelf life of mismatched air cooler is much shorter, moreover it can break the main equipment.