Air Coolers VB

Air cooler series ВБ are used for cooling the electric equipment in operation. They provide the necessary heat removal in cooling systems of electric motors and low power machines and they are rated at heat flow from 10 to 200 kWt. Series ВБ works according to the standard concept for all heat exchangers. Heated air flow flows around the finned surface of tubes with cold water and is cooled down. Scheme of water flow allows water to pass along all tubes absorbing heat of the heated air. It makes the air cooler effective and efficient. The base of air cooler series ВБ is a tube bundle, which consists of the system of finned tubes which are in casing the ends of it are hermetically bulkheaded into end piped plates. The covers with inlet and outlet connections for water supply are mounted on the end plates. Accessible casing simplifies its mounting into the air cooling system. The main material is stainless steel. Casing (steel grade 3) and supporting pipes (steel grade 12Х18Н10Т) are made of it. Finning is made of robust aluminum alloy. If highly mineralized water or sea water (versions M, M2, M5) is supposed to be used, pipes are made of brass (Л68, Л96) or cupronickel (МнЖмц). The rest parts and units are made of carbon or stainless steel. Each model has special plugs, which allow to discharge air and to drain water, very convenient for transporting and easy mounting. Only qualified specialist can mount air coolers, all regulations and technical rules should be observed. Be careful, water is not to be dropped on electric equipment windings. It is important to know that water is connected according to contraflow rule. When choosing the suitable model, the main technical parameters of air coolers should be taken into consideration. The main index is calculated heat flow (kWt). Moreover, the following indexes should be taken into consideration: temperature of the cooled air, water temperature, aerodynamic and flowing pressure, max pressure of water, its salinity etc. If you are hesitating what is the most suitable model for you, we can help you to calculate required specifications based on your data.