Oil Coolers MB

МБ series oil cooler is used in regulation and lubrication systems of electrical equipment of various types. It ensures quick and effective cooling of oil and other technological liquids in turbines, compressors, reducers, transformers, etc. Marked like: «Oil cooler МБ 40-60» or « Oil cooler МБМ 40-60». Where:

  • МБ – fresh water cooling. 
  • МБМ – salt water cooling. 
  • 1st number shows nominal area of heat-exchange surface (in м2); 
  • 2nd number shows nominal oil consumption in cubic meters per hour. 

It has a vertical design with the following main units:

  • Welded straight tube body with inlet and outlet oil nozzles. 
  • Tube system (finned tubes with end slabs and inner partitions). 
  • Upper water tank. 
  • Lower water tank equipped with inlet and outlet water nozzles. 

A lower tube slab has a rigid fastening between the body bottom and the lower water tank. An upper tube slab is flexibly fastened to the body by means of floating junction, gland junction makes up for thermal linear elongation. The top cover of the upper tank can be removed for oil cooler technical service, examination/cleaning of its tubes; pipe sealing keeps safe. The top cover of the upper tank has a connecting pipe providing air outlet. The lower tube slab is equipped with a connecting pipe to take oil samples through. Heated oil in turbine passes through the lower nozzle into the oil cooler upwards in transverse-longitudinal direction. Passing through oil is cooled and fed into the system again through the upper nozzle. Series МБ/МБМ oil cooler has two- or four-waterway design, so its upper tank is divided into two parts by inner partitions, the lower tanks – into tree. This way, passing through the inlet nozzle water makes four cycles and leaves through the outlet. The main advantages of such a design are easy maintenance and service as inner surface of МБ/МБМ series tubes can be cleaned without oil cooler or its tube system dismantling. Thanks to considered temperature compensation and inner protection the МБ oil cooler is a reliable and durable product, effectively protecting equipment from overheating.