Oil Cooler C

Series Ц oil coolers are used in water cooling system of stationary furnaces and power transformers for cooling of heated transformer oil. The device is a vertical shell-and-tube heat exchanger. It has the following main units:

  • Vertical body; 
  • Tube bundle (system of bimetal finned tubes); 
  • Upper water tank; 
  • Lower water tank. 

Top covers have connecting pipes for water and oil inlet/outlet.  Oil cooler principle of work consists in heat transferred from hotter substance (in our case it’s oil) to cooler substance (water). The body is made of steel (carbonaceous or stainless). Tubes transferring water are made of different materials, depending on water mineralization degree – stainless steel, brass, nickel silver, ribs are made of aluminum. Thanks to ribbing heat exchange surface is enhanced considerably providing quick and effective cooling of transformer oil. The main technical characteristic as a basis for choosing Ц series cooler is the cooling power (heat flow) defined in kilowatt. For instance, Ц-100 means that the oil cooler is intended for 100 KW air flow, Ц-300 – for 300 KW, etc. Ц oil cooler is produced in the following climatic designs:

  • УХЛ (moderate and cold macro region); 
  • Т (tropical, humid or dry). 

Ц series model is marked by: Ц-63/900-М-Т4 Ц is an oil cooler series;

  • 63 – heat flow (cooling power) in KW; 
  • 900 is a distance between end tube walls in millimeters; 
  • М  mineralized water is used in a cooler (Н – fresh, М2 – highly mineralized , М5 – salt). 
  • Т – model designed for dry and humid tropical climate (УХЛ – for moderate and cold). 
  • 4 – indicates operating conditions, 4 – artificial conditioning, 3 – natural conditioning.  

If you have problems with choosing a model we recommend contacting our specialists. On the basis of provided technical characteristics we can select the most suitable oil cooler and prolong the lifetime of your electrical equipment!

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