Oil Coolers ODC

ОДЦ air oil coolers are intended for transformers and industrial electric equipment with ДЦ, НДЦ cooling systems. They are used in modular transformers, mounted and remote systems. ОДЦ heat exchanger is a system of bimetal finned tubes (tube bundle) in a steel body. Ribbing allows heat exchange surface to be enhanced and artificial air pumping ensures quick and efficient transformer oil cooling. Oil goes into ОДЦ cooler through the inlet flange, takes 2-3 cycles inside the cooling system and passes through the outlet flange. Outlet filters clean oil from debris. Pressure inside the system is controlled with manometers. Oil cooler is made of finned bimetal tubes with oil-proof coating of the inner surfaces and resistant to weather impact. ДЦ type of the cooling system provides for installation of minimum 2 more ОДЦ oil coolers and one standby cooler to be activated in case of emergency. ОДЦ oil cooler is marked: ОДЦ-180 ХЛ1, where:

  • ОДЦ – oil cooler series; 
  • 180 – heat flow (cooling power) in KW; 
  • ХЛ – climatic design, here for cold climate. Т – tropical, У – moderate, УХЛ – moderate and cold climate. 
  • 1 – operating conditions. ОДЦ and ДЦ oil coolers always have «1», as they are always used in the open air. 

If the present power is not sufficient enough, ОДЦ oil coolers are united into cooling clusters or cells and called ГОУ (cluster-type cooling device) or УДЦБ (cell-type ДЦ device) respectively.